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Eastfield College Employee of the Quarter

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During each quarter of the calendar year employees have the opportunity to nominate a full-time employee to be recognized for consistently demonstrating Eastfield values on the job:

Integrity:  We believe in being honest and ethical and in doing what we say we will do.

Scholarship:  We believe in rigorous inquiry through research, analysis and critical thinking for decision making and problem solving.

Success:  We believe that a quality education, planning and hard work enable people to achieve their goals.

Honesty:  We speak and act truthfully without hidden agenda.

Person-Centeredness:  We believe in the dignity and worth of the individual regardless of status or role.

Stewardship:  We value and encourage responsible use of our resources.

Innovation:  We believe in an environment that fosters creativity and invention.

Responsibility:  We are accountable for our words and actions.

Fairness:  We believe in just and equitable treatment for all.

Collaboration:  We believe we work best when we work together.

Diversity:  We welcome intellectual, cultural and ethnic differences.

Joy:  We embrace a pleasant, joyful college environment.

You will be asked to describe how your nominee demonstrates at least four of these values when you complete the nomination form.

The committee reviews nominations and selects the employee of the quarter.  HR notifies the immediate supervisor, the appropriate Vice President and the President before announcing the name of the employee of the quarter.

2013 Nomination Committee Members:

Representing Faculty members: 

Representing Professional Support Staff: Johnetta Boldon


Representing Administrators: 


Non-voting, ex-officio from HR:  Ronda Grandberry


Thank you for helping to recognize great employees at Eastfield College.