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Eastfield College Police Honor Guard

The Eastfield College Police Honor Guard is a ceremonial police unit dedicated to upholding the highest values and traditions of the men and women of law enforcement. Officers of the Eastfield College Police Honor Guard are committed to representing the students and staff of Eastfield College, as well as the surrounding community. The Eastfield College Police Honor Guard honors those fallen police officers and military soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice. They remain ready to serve at the direction of the Director and Chief of College Police and participate at various city and department sponsored events. The Eastfield College Police Honor Guard remembers our military veterans, and those who serve, as well as individuals and organizations that are dedicated to public service.

The Eastfield College Police Department Honor Guard is commanded by Corporal Chris Stratton and is comprised of eight officers:

• Sgt Brandon Boney
• Sgt Kevin Levingston
• Cpl Chris Stratton
• Officer Phillip Wilburn
• Officer Rodrigo Garcia
• Officer John Lozano

Honor Guard Presentations

  • 9/11 Ceremonies
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Convocation
  • Graduation
  • Arbor Day
  • Other local and requested events

All requests for the Honor Guard should be directed to Cpl. Stratton at

honoring those who serve