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Eastfield College Traffic/Parking Citaton Appeals

Eastfield Police

Appeals Committee Regulations

appeals committee

NOTE: Does Not Apply to Justice of the Peace Citations.

The Eastfield College Police Department Citation Appeals Committee will meet once each month if there are appeals to consider, or more frequently at the call of the committee chair if necessary.
Three members of the committee constitute a quorum. 
A simple majority will determine the status of the appeal.
The committee may request that a Police Officer be present to explain to the committee members the law concerning the violation.
Once a decision has been reached, the committee chair will contact the complainant via email to inform them of the outcome of the appeal.

The following reasons are considered to be frivolous and not valid as a basis for appeal:

  • Lack of knowledge of the regulations. For example, new to the campus or have not reviewed campus rules.
  • Other vehicles were parked improperly as well.
  • Only parked illegally for a short time.
  • Failure of officer to ticket previously for a similar offense.
  • Late to class or appointment.
  • Inability to pay the amount of the fine.
  • No other place to park.

The committee may take the following actions with respect to an appeal:

  • Warning – means the appeal is granted.  The citation is reduced to a warning   and the fee is waived.
  • Voided – means that the citation issued was not valid.
  • Denied – means that the citation has been upheld.  You must pay the fine.

Traffic/Parking Citation Appeals Form (.PDF)