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COURSE NUMBER:������������ ��������������� PHYS2426

COURSE TITLE:�� ��������������� General Physics

CREDIT HRS: 4��� ��������������� ��������������� LECTURE HRS: 3 ��������������� LAB HRS: 3

INSTRUCTOR NAME AND OFFICE HOURS: ________________________________________

��������������� Email: ________________________________________

CLASS TIMES: LEC__________________________; LAB _________________________

PREREQUISITE: Physics 2425 and credit or concurrent enrollment in Mathematics 2414.

Course Description:� This course is designed primarily for physics, chemistry, mathematics, and engineering majors.� This course presents the principles and applications of electricity, magnetism, and optics.� Emphasis is on fundamental concepts, problem-solving, notation and units.� The laboratory includes a one-hour problem session.

Textbooks:��������������� Fundamentals of Physics, by Halliday, Resnick, & Walker, 6th edition

��������������� ��������������� (optional:� A Student Companion & Student Solutions Manual)

��������������� ��������������� Physics Laboratory Experiments, by Wilson, 5th edition

Supplies:��������������� scientific calculator, scantrons, metric ruler, protractor, graph paper

Course Objectives:� Our first goal is to help students develop a conceptual understanding of physics principles.� Secondly, a strong reasoning ability, combined with a good conceptual understanding, is the legacy that we wish to leave to our students.� Understanding rather than mechanical and rote use of formulas is the primary goal.� Finally, we want to show students that physics principles come into play over and over again in their lives.

Attendance:� Official policy for class attendance is stated in the college catalog.� Students are expected to attend all classes and laboratory meetings and are fully responsible for their attendance.� Missed work cannot be ‘made-up’ and absences will result in a grade of zero unless excused by the instructor.� All unexcused assignments more than 1 class meeting late will result in a grade of zero for that assignment.� Warning, no-one will be admitted to the classroom 10 minutes past the start time, late arrivals receive a grade of zero for that period.� Cellular phones and beepers must be silenced during class and laboratory periods.� Violators who disrupt class with ringing phones or beepers will be asked to leave and will receive a grade of zero for that lecture or experiment.�

Americans with Disabiities Act: for information regarding services for students with physical, mental, or learning disabilities, or information pertaining to the Americans with Disabilities Act and Postsecondary Education, call 972-860-7032 (voice or TDD).

Withdrawal Policy:� If you wish to drop this course for a grade of “W”, note the final date for the college as listed in the official class schedule and obtain and complete the proper form.� A student must withdraw himself or herself.� An instructor cannot withdraw a student.� If a student stops attending class and does not officially withdraw, that student will receive a performance graded based on work completed and missed, usually a grade of “F”.

Method of Evaluation:

��������������� 50%-75% Exams

��������������� 20%-40% Laboratory Work/Reports

��������������� 10%-20% Homework

��������������� 0-10% optional assignments (e.g. term paper, research report, independent studies)

Course Outline:� subject to change at the discretion of the instructor to insure that all pertinent material is covered.

Wk of:��� ��������������� Lecture (MWF)������������������ ������������������������������� ��������������� Lab (M)

1/14�������� Intro & cpt 22�������������������� ������������������������������� ��������������� Intro to lab

1/221������ ��������������� cpt 23���� ������������������������������� ��������������� ��������������� Electrostatics (‘Exp in Phys’ #36 handout)

1/28�������� ��������������� cpt 23 & 24��������������������������� ��������������� ��������������� exp 24 Fields & Equipotentials

2/4���������� ��������������� cpt 24 & 25��������������������������� ��������������� ��������������� exp 25 Ohm’s Law

2/11�������� ��������������� cpt 25���� ������������������������������� ��������������� ��������������� exp 27 Voltmeter & Ammeter���������������

2/18�������� ��������������� cpt 26���� ������������������������������� ��������������� ��������������� Exam 1 (cpt 22 - 25)

2/25�������� ��������������� cpt 27���� ������������������������������� ��������������� ��������������� Capacitance (‘Exp in Phy’ #45 handout)

3/4���������� ��������������� cpt 28���� �������������������������������