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Student Tax Tip

by Rick Rosen

​Many of you may have already received your 1098-T income tax form by mail. If you haven’t received it, read further to learn how to request one.

The colleges of DCCCD annually provide you with a 1098-T form. The 1098-T shows the amount of tuition paid for credit classes by you or by financial aid during the tax year. It also lists the amount of financial aid you received during the tax year.

If you are taking classes for college credit, you may be able to reduce your federal income tax. To do so, you (or your parents) will need the information on that 1098-T form.

There’s Been a Change for the 2013 Form

If the total amount of the financial aid, grants, sponsorships, waivers and/or exemptions you received during the year for credit enrollment exceeded your credit tuition cost, you will not be issued a 2013 Form 1098-T. Visit the IRS website for more information about when a Form 1098-T is not required to be issued.

Learn how you go about getting a 1098-T.

For More Information

See 1098-T Forms: Frequently Asked Questions for answers to some of the common questions students have.