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Free Microsoft Email + Office 365 for Eastfield Students

by Joanna

Students of the colleges of DCCCD get a free online account that includes Microsoft Outlook email and Microsoft Office 365. Every student, whether credit or noncredit, will automatically be assigned a free account.

Microsoft Outlook Email

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most widely used email programs. Every student will have his or her own unique email address.

Note: Before you install your free products or access your email, you must change your eConnect password. To do so, go to the “Change Password” page in eConnect (https://econnect.dcccd.edu/passwordChange.html). Complete the form on the page and then click Submit.

(If you’ve forgotten your password to sign into eConnect, reset your password on the “Forgot/Reset My Password” page at https://econnect.dcccd.edu/passwordReset.html).

Steps to Install

  1. Click on outlook.dcccd.edu.

  2. Sign in with your username: e1695991@student.dcccd.edu (substitute your student ID number for the 1695991) and your eConnect password.

  3. After you sign in, you’ll see the Office 365 mailbox. Click on the gear symbol (to the left of the question mark):

  4. Choose “Office 365 settings.”

  5. Click “Software” in the screen that opens:

  6. Finally, click the Install button:

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 includes such popular products and services as OneDrive, WebApps and ProPlus:

  • OneDrive gives you one terabyte of cloud storage for documents, photos and videos. (To put that in perspective, one terabyte would be enough to store millions of documents and photos.) You can access files from desktop computers or laptops, smartphones and tablet computers.

  • WebApps gives you the ability to create and edit documents from your Web browser.

  • Through ProPlus, you can install Microsoft Office 2013 on your home computer and up to five mobile devices. The Office 2013 suite includes such popular programs as email (Outlook), word processing (Word), spreadsheets (Excel) and presentations (PowerPoint).

More Information

Read frequently asked questions.

Find out how to forward your Outlook email.

Need help?

Call the Help Desk at 1-866-374-7169.

If you need further help, try the Office 365 Community.