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Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning

Prepare students for a career in heating and air conditioning.

Classes taught in this department

Testing: TSI Reading and Writing Scores of at least 0091 level 

Requirement: Students must take the Bennet Mechanical Aptitude Test with a passing score of 40 to enroll in HVAC courses.

Tools must be purchased by the student. The approximate cost is $300. Complete tool lists are contained in the syllabus of each class

Each student must take the ICE test during the HART 2436 course

HART1401Electricity Principles
HART1403A/C Control Principles
HART1407Refrigeration Principles
HART1441Residential Air Conditioning
HART1445Gas and Electric Heating
HART2449Heat Pumps
HART2442Commercial Refrigeration
HART2434Advanced A/C Controls
HART2368Practicum (or Field Experience)
HART2380Cooperative Education -Heating Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technologies/Tech
HART1451Energy Management
HART2441Commercial Air Conditioning
HART2436Troubleshooting OR
HART1380Cooperative Education-Heating
HART1368Practicum (or field experience)
HART2438Air Conditioning Installation Service
HART2445Air Conditioning Systems Design

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