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Dual Credit Eligibility & Test Scores

Who is Eligible

High School students, in good academic standing at a participating public, private, charter, or home school. 

Students with a recommendation from their high school counselor.
Students admitted to the college and meet minimum test scores.

What are the Minimum Test Scores

Students entering Eastfield must meet Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements.  This can be done by taking the Accuplacer and making passing scores in subject areas of reading, writing and/or math.  What subject areas need to be passed depends on the course(s) to be taken.

Test Exemptions

SAT Scores   500 Critical Reading, 500 Math with a composite score of 1070.

ACT Scores   19 Verbal, 19 Math with a composite score of 23.

TSI Minimum Scores
350-390 - MATH 1314/1414/1332/1324/2342/2442
363 plus essay score of 4 - WRITING

STAAR Test Scores
4000 for reading and writing combined English II

*All test scores must be on your official transcript.*

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