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Women's Volleyball Alumni/History

All-American Players | Academic All-Americans | All-Region Players
All-Conference Players | Honorable Mentions | Team Achievements
Players Advanced to 4-Yr Schools

All-American Players

Ashley KayNJCAA First Team2011
Ashley KayNJCAA First Team2010
Breawn WaynesNJCAA Honorable Mention2009
Misty TarbetNJCAA First Team2004

Academic All-Americans

Cynthia Martin2013
Clarissa Wilburn2009
Emily Vandburgh2007
Courtney McRae1996

All-Region Players

Tierra Williams2014
Tiffany McClain2011
Ashley Kay2011
Ashley Kay2010
Jerrica Epps2010
Janet Brown2010
Breawn Waynes2009
Jerrica Epps2008
Misty Tarbet2004

All-Conference Players

Tierra WilliamsM.A.C. First Team2014
Megan MurphyM.A.C. Second Team2014
Ashley KayM.A.C. First Team2011
Tiffany McClainM.A.C. First Team2011
Ashley CrainM.A.C. Second Team2011
Madison StruweM.A.C. Second Team2011
Janet BrownM.A.C. First Team2010
Jerrica EppsM.A.C. First Team2010
Ashley KayM.A.C. First Team2010
Kelsey SheddM.A.C. Second Team2010
Breawn WaynesM.A.C. First Team2009
Janet BrownM.A.C. Second Team2009
MiKayla MedleyM.A.C. Second Team2009
Jerrica EppsM.A.C. First Team2008
Lindsay FilesM.A.C. Second Team2008
MiKayla MedleyM.A.C. Second Team2008
Francesca ChambersM.A.C. First Team2007
Misty TarbetM.A.C. First Team2004
Alyssa MaddoxM.A.C. Second Team2004

Honorable Mentions

Hannah KamphausM.A.C.2014
Brooke BarajasM.A.C.2014
Mikala TurnerM.A.C.2014
Caridad AguileraM.A.C.2014
Hollie KingM.A.C.2011
Kayley WalkerM.A.C.2011
Lauren WhiteheadM.A.C.2011
Sierra HurleyM.A.C.2010
Tiffany CromwellM.A.C.2009
Autumn LandersM.A.C.2009
Kelsey SheddM.A.C.2009
Carla LittletonM.A.C.2008
Cathy CarterM.A.C.2007
Emily VanderburgM.A.C.2007
Blanca SaavedraM.A.C.2007
Moneshia McFallsM.A.C.2007
Christa HargravesM.A.C.2004
Jocelyn LaneM.A.C.2004
Deana WebbM.A.C.2004

Team Achievements

2nd Place in Metro Athletic Conference2011
2nd Place in Metro Athletic Conference2010
3rd Place in Metro Athletic Conference2009
3rd Place in M.A.C. Championship Tournament2004
4th Place in Metro Athletic Conference2004

Players Advanced to 4-Year Schools

Ashley KayDallas Baptist University2011
Breawn WaynesTarleton State University2010
Emily VandburghBacone College2008
Alyssa MaddoxBacone College2006
Jocelyn LaneBenedictine College2006
Chista HargravesBacone College2006
Deana WebbSouth West Assemblies of God University2005
Misty TarbetTexas Women’s University2005
Erica FrasierTexas A&M Commerce2005
Cecelica Mitchell Central Missouri State University2004
Erica FrasierUniversity of Texas A&M Commerce2004
Misty TarbetTexas Wesleyan Univ2004
Deana WebbSouthwestern Assemblies of God2004