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Emergency Blue Light Call Boxes

Eastfield Police

There are Emergency Blue Light Call Boxes located throughout the Eastfield campus. These phones are distinguished by the 12 foot pole with the blue light on top. These phones have “Emergency”, in red and white, on the front and sides.

Emergency call boxes are at the following locations:

  • PE circle at swimming pool
  • On crosswalk between W2 and W3 parking lots
  • Between N1 and N2 parking lots
  • E1 parking lot, Northwest corner
  • E5 parking lot
  • South field adjacent to the baseball field

For Emergencies: Simply press the red button and then release. This will activate the phone and the Campus Police dispatcher will immediately know your exact location. Listen to the directions given by the Campus Police dispatcher. Talk directly into the speaker in the center of the phone.

Examples of Emergency use would be medical assistance, traffic accidents, fires, suspicious persons, crime reports, or other law violations.

Examples of Non-Emergency use would be vehicle repair help, calling for escort services.

Misuse is Prosecutable

The Emergency Blue Light call boxes are provided for the safety and security of all students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Abuse or misuse through prank, or harassing calls is a crime by state statute and violators will be prosecuted. If you press the red button by mistake, please advise the Police dispatcher of your mistake.