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Student/Staff/Faculty ID Card Information

Computer Lab, L-108.


Require a “Staff ID Request Form” which can be obtained from the division offices.

Credit and Non-Credit Students

Student ID cards are photo ID cards to assist all students in obtaining access to needed services on campus, such as the library, computer lab, testing center and swimming pool.

To have a card made, either the student or guardian will need to present a copy of the class fee receipt and a photo ID.   (In the case of minors, parents will need to present their ID’s.)  The fee receipts can be obtained by accessing the computers in the Registration Center, room C-127, or the Admissions Office, room C-119, or Business Office, room C-126.

  • The first ID card is free.  This card is good for as long as the Individual is an enrolled student at Eastfield College.
  • A $10.00 fee will be charged for a lost, stolen, or damaged card.

ID Card Services in the Computer Lab, L-108

ID cards are made in the computer lab during normal business hours.   The computer lab number is 972-860-7012.