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Eastfield Invasion Game

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Game Introduction

What is the Eastfield Alien Invasion? (The original game is called Humans vs Zombies)
Humans vs. Zombies or Eastfield Alien Invasion is simply a game of tag.  Players begin as humans. Original Aliens (these aliens are secret aliens and will not be wearing a bandana) begin the game by tagging human players to turn them into zombies. Original Aliens only play to start the game. Once enough humans are turned into zombies the Original Aliens must wear a bandana to identify themselves as a game player. Zombies need to tag and "infect/gain energy from" one human every 24 hours or he/she starves to death and is out of the game. A human, can be tagged at any time when outside of the college-designated safe zones. Usually, in the end, zombies win by finally tagging the last human, but you never know…

How to register and play:

On Monday, October 6, 2014 the first 100 interested players can begin signing up on the HVZ Website to create an account and join the game. Registration will close Thursday, October 23. Please do not use Internet Explorer when accessing the HVZ Website.  When registering, players will be assigned an ID code. Players will print this code. This is their player ID. Humans must always keep this ID card with them during game play. When a human is tagged they will hand their card to the tagging zombie. The tagging zombie reports the ID as his or her feed so he or she may stay in the game.

Click here to sign up at the HVZ Website!

HvA players must:

  • Be a student/staff/ or faculty member. 

  • Must spend at least 5 hours and 4 days on campus.

  • Wear a visible bandana around their person at all times.

  • Understand that, as a zombie, ammo will be flung at them.

  • Understand that as a human, the zombie horde will chase and attempt to tag them.

  • Turn in a signed participation waiver prior to the start of the event.

  • Accept that their full name will be displayed on a public Website.

  • Participate in at least 3 missions. Players will be notified by email about these group activities designed to enhance game play.  Successful mission completions will give team advantages throughout the game.

General Guidelines:

  • No wheeled devices of any kind, unless players are persons with disabilities.

  • Players must pick up spent ammunition.

  • Try not to cause physical damage to human or zombies, no biting, no hitting, no tackling, no head shots.

  • Game will suspend every day from 3pm to 5pm for human/zombie beauty rest unless a mission is scheduled.

  • Be careful around non-participants.  Do not throw ammo or tag when non-participants could be hit by crossfire. 

Required Equipment:

  • Bandana and Ammo (These items will be provided to you when you turn in your signed participation waiver at the library.)  Only college provided bandanas and ammo may be used in game play.

  • One index card to be used as your ID card (not supplied).

 Game Play Summary: 

How does the game begin?

Players begin the game as a human and should wear a bandana around their upper arm. Original Aliens will begin game play on Monday, October 27, 2014 – Stay Alert! Pre-assigned Original Aliens may tag 3 players before wearing a bandana around their head and claiming themselves as zombies. Players tagged are now zombies and will move their bandana to their head. Zombies tag humans. Humans use ammo to protect themselves from being tagged.

Game plot:

Aliens have come to Eastfield to infect all humans with a zombie virus so they can steal human knowledge and happiness.

How do I play as a Human?

A human’s goal is to remain human. Players should carry around ammo to stun any zombie that might attack. As a human your bandana will be worn visibly on your upper arm. The minimum width of the armband must be approximately 3 inches.

Stunning Zombies:

Humans may only fling one stress ball at a time. A zombie struck by ammo is frozen from game play for 5 minutes. When stunned, the zombies are non-players and cannot interact with the game.  After 5 minutes if a zombie is stunned again (by the same human or different human) the 5 minutes begins again. The clock does not restart if a stunned zombie is hit again during the stun time.

A legal stun is when contact of ammo is made to any part of a zombie’s person or a belonging that is attached or worn by the zombie. Stunned zombies will move their bandana from their head to their neck during the stun time.

When tagged by a Zombie:

Humans are required to turn over their ID card to the zombie that has tagged them. A tagged human then becomes a member of the zombie horde and will move their bandana to their head.

Conditions for Winning:

Humans win when the last zombie starves to death.

How do I play as a Zombie?

Tagging Humans or How to Stay in the Game:

Zombie horde members must wear a bandana around their head at all times. Zombies must feed every 24 hours to stay in the game. A zombie feeds by reporting their tag on the HVZ website. When a zombie reports a tag on the HVZ website, they can choose two other zombies to join in the feed.


A tag is a firm touch (not a punch or tackle) to any part of a human body. After tagging a human the zombie will collect the human’s ID card. Tags need to be reported within three hours on the HvZ Website. Humans cannot be tagged during class activities, or during fire or other emergency drills. A zombie must have both feet outside of a safe zone to tag a human. A human with both feet inside a safe zone is safe.

Fielding Ammo:

No shield may be used to field ammo.

Conditions for an Alien Win:

The aliens win when the human team has all been turned into zombies.


Throughout the course of the game there will be missions. Mission details will be sent by email and posted on the HvZ website. Humans and zombies both participate in the missions.  

Grace Periods:

There will be an announced grace period prior to all missions to allow humans to attend the mission. During this time, all humans are safe from being tagged. There will also be a post-mission grace period, the length of which will be determined by the outcome of the mission.

Safe Zones:

  • The interior of all college buildings and within 5 feet of all entrances/exits.

  • Indoor and Outdoor staircases.

  • Parking lots and streets.

Restricted Zones:

  • Landscaped areas.

  • Construction zones.

Simultaneous/Disputed Tags:

Rock-paper-scissors, best two out of three, decides the outcome. The two players engaged in RPS cannot be stunned or tagged while deciding the outcome. Players not participating should give ample room to the RPS players. Once the outcome is decided, play resumes. If the human wins the RPS, he or she gets a 1 minute head start to escape.

Rule Violations:

All rule infractions should be reported to HvZ Moderators. Moderators will take appropriate action.

Golden Rule of Play:

Don’t be a Jerk. The game is not about being on the winning team. It’s about having fun, meeting new people, and learning some fun skills and facts along the way.

Game History:

The original Humans vs Zombies game began at Maryland's Goucher College in 2005.  It grew rapidly and is now played at over 650 colleges and universities, high schools, military bases, summer camps, and public libraries around the world.  For more information check out the Humans vs Zombies "about" page.