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The Common Book

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"Participating in the Common Book project is one of the best ways that students can engage with their learning and see connections across courses. Having a common reading encourages students to participate in discussions with other students in their classes, provides venues outside of classes for interactions about the book, facilitates discussions among students, faculty, and staff, and promotes the book’s themes through the arts, humanities, social sciences, and technical programs.  Because the Common Book project can be such a rich learning experience, I encourage all students, faculty and staff to participate actively in the 2015-2016 Common Book project."

-- Jean Conway, Ed.D

The Maltese Falcon

Engage your students in this classic investigation and help them sharpen their problem-solving and critical thinking skills!

The Maltese Falcon is perfect for discussion of ethics, professional and personal relationships. integrity, honesty, trust, stereotypes, communication, success, and failure.

Use the Common Book to enrich your classes with action and excitement and teach critical thinking, teamwork, communication, empirical and quantitative skills, and social and personal responsibility.

For more information about this year's Common Book, resources for faculty and students, and upcoming events please contact OSER.